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Arthur Koby is a sculptor/architect. He graduated from The Cooper Union School of Art and Architecture in New York City and won the prestigious Hiron’s Alumni First Prize in a national competition sponsored by The National Institute for Architectural Education.


Koby has turned his artistic talent to creating three-dimensional designs of Sculpture you can wear.

He works beautifully in many materials.


Koby works slowly and carefully in designing his necklaces.  Many take two to three months of planning and construction. They are as beautifully detailed, constructed, and finely done as a piece of museum quality sculpture.


You must see Koby’s work for yourself as well as handle it to appreciate the intricacies of design.


The artist, presently at the peak of his talent, is creating timeless jewelry of great vitality and exquisite workmanship. These necklaces are a new art-form. They are unique, signed, numbered and photographed by the artist.


His inspired mini-sculptures are both collectable and wearable.


Arthur Koby lives in New York City.


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