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“The seasons standout accessory.”

              Vogue Magazine        


“One of the masters of collage.”

                  Vogue Magazine   


“Object Lessons” (on the art of combining)

         Vogue Magazine


“Arthur Koby looks like a grown-up Boy Scout.  But when you see his intricate necklaces with collages of carved jade, metallic tassels, and sixteenth-century beads, he suddenly seems more like a magician turning fantasy objects into one-of-a-kind necklaces.”

        June Weir in Vogue Magazine    

Beene Collection Red Deco Necklace 1982.

Geoffrey Beene Collection

Beene Collection Opal Glass Necklace 198

Geoffrey Beene Collection

“I can always count on Arthur coming up with a wonderful necklace.”

                                                   Geoffrey Beene

“Koby’s look is imaginative and highly original.”

                                    Accessories Magazine


Necklace on Carmen


Vogue Editorial

“Give an endlessly curious, traveled eye, the world to roam in.  Give it time to examine, collate, and arrange the myriad objects upon which it dwells – and the results can be astonishing.  They are if the eye is Arthur Koby’s.

You may find it odd that a venerable Mandarin bead lies affectionately with an old shoe button and that, with a carved olive pit and that, with a Mayan earplug.  Koby does it and as if by alchemical means, makes of the disparities, one lovely, vibrant entity.

The harmonies he creates are in part a result of his architectural training and always, that adventurous searching eye, much appreciated by the innovative and knowing in the field of fashion. Designers like Geoffrey Beene and Oscar de la Renta have shown sustained enthusiasm for using as enhancement – in show after show – his unique art.”


                                  Kate Simon, author New York Places and Pleasures

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